Special Events

Catering an event like OMS

The OMS is a business event that gathers marketing managers and other people who seek new ways to advertise their corporations. An event like this sees many different people that attend it, and catering an event like that can be a problem.

Our last OMS catering involved over one hundred people on our stuff, which means that the organization had to be supreme to execute every course without an issue. Whenever we cater we tend to organize a strict and clear chain of command. This allows us to pass down the orders and gain nearly instant response on whether everything goes as planned.

Large events like this require finger food menu, and due to the diversity of the crowd, the food must be varied. We tend to serve up to ten variations of the food, everything from sea food to wild game, as well as vegetarian and vegan courses.

We always buy an excess of ingredients as we know that some people prefer one type food over another. This excess gives us the ability to serve additional courses that will comfort even the pickiest people.

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